I hope the demons or whatever drove you to it are gone and you are at peace. If you are in heaven, or wherever people go these days, I know you're up there with a fat spliff in your gob and a load of Bob Marley CD's, kicking God's ass at Streetfighter 2.

I'll miss you man. You were one of the most chilled out motherfuckers I ever met, coming from the only black family , growing up in a place like Dundalk would be enough to freak anyone out, but you never gave a fuck. It was just one of those things. Just thinking about the home-made Batman tattoo on your ankle makes me smile.

I never thought you'd go out like this, though. It was a massive shock, but I'm starting to get over it and trying to understand your pain. I only wish there was something your friends could have done. I spoke to Lav last night, he's pretty devasted. Everyone is. But hey, fuck it. It's too late for mulling over the what-ifs. You did what you felt you had to do, there was no other way out that you could rationalize in your head. I'm just sorry I never got to say goodbye.

I'll miss you man.

See you on the other side,
Your friend always,

Spare a thought too for Hermetic.