Today my two sisters and a friend were in a serious car accident in Dublin. I'm daylogging this because this is something I have to say while my feelings are still fresh in my head.

How it went down:
My younger sis was to get on a flight to go to Portugal for a week and stay with our parents. Her flight was at 6:00am from Dublin, which is about an hour from here. My older sis, being the overly generous person that she always is offered to drive her to the airport at 5am.

All was well. We all headed to the pub at around 10pm the night before and had a few drinks. Nothing major, everyone was very well behaved. We decided to move on to a late bar and parted company with my younger sis and her boyfriend. My older sis accompanied myself and two friends to the bar. I told her to take it easy and politely reminded her that she had made a promise to my younger sis, so don't go crazy. She said she wouldn't.

I leave the late bar and return to my friends house and to have a drink with her and her bro. I feel really tired and make for bed.

Since I fell asleep, all hell broke loose.

Apparently my older sis arrived back to my friends house with a load of wine and Smirnoff Ice and stayed up drinking till about 3:30am. At around 4am she got into her car, drove home, woke up my younger sister, told her to get her shit together as they were leaving for Dublin soon.

My younger sister protested, saying that older sis was too drunk to drive anywhere, and that her boyfriend should drive the car instead. My older sister insisted that she was fine to drive the 50 mile journey.

Stupidly they all agreed to this proposal.

Apparently everything was going fine until they were about 5 miles from the airport.

According to my older sister, the road was wet and she was driving too fast.

Anyway, she came skidding off an empty motorway and straight into a concrete barrier. She reckons she was doing about 100mph when the car skidded. They slammed into the barrier, the airbags popped, everyone was slightly injured, but no broken bones. A passing taxi driver saw the crashed vehicle and called 999. The cops and an ambulance arrived soon after. Older sis didn't get breathalised, thank God. They spent the next few hours in the hospital. Younger sis had to get stiches around her eyelid. She was in the back with no seat-belt on. Her boyfriend, who was sitting in the front seat suffered bruised ribs. My older sis, the driver, has a lot of bruising on her face, swollen arms and hands. She is in severe shock too.

I didn't know what had happened until she arrived home today, broke down and told me everything that happened.

I'm still numb and not feeling any real emotion about it.

It's confusing.

On one hand I feel I should be really angry at them. It was both my sisters fault, older sis for driving under the influence, younger sis for allowing her, and me for not being prudent enough or some other shit.

On the other hand, I'm so thankful that they are all alive and not seriously hurt, also that there were no other cars involved.

I won't write any more on the subject as it's pissing me off thinking about it.

I will say this though.

Don't be a asshole. No matter how "fine" you feel, you're never "fine" enough to fucking well drink and drive. If you care about your loved ones, if your boyfriend, partner, girlfriend, mother, father, sister, brother.... anyone is in the habit of "having a couple", hopping in the ol' wagon and cruising off home, plead with them to stop this awful habit.

Look out for them, point them in the right direction and convince them that what they're doing puts real lives at risk. Tell them to shake of their "It'll never to me" attitude, because sooner or later it will happen and people will die.

I nearly lost two of the most important people in the world today and let me tell you folks, it's not a nice thing to contemplate.

I rarely daylog unless it's important to me.

I'm just happy that I'm not daylogging the death of my two sisters.

Just don't do it.