Why Should I?

Get married. Why should I?
Have chidren. Why should I?
Get a Job. Why should I?
Don't do drugs. Why shouldn't I?

Today in our society things have become what I like to call "damn near genetic." They are so built into our society that they are almost second nature. We do them without even thinking about it.

Why do we have to wake up in the morning. The answer is that we don't. We choose to. We don't give much thought to it. We just intend on waking up every morning and going about our daily business then going to sleep when the sun is down. This may be a small example of my ultimate perception of the whole thing, but it makes a good point. Why don't we go about our business while the sun is down? The sun causes cancer, does it not?

Why should we get married? One out of three marriages fail in the United States. We get married on impulses. We get married because we knocked up our girlfriend. How many marriages are really thought out and done the nature of true love, and how many are done due to the precepts of family values.

This brings up a good point; family values. What are they? Who invented them? What's the big deal? The answer, nothing. They are a set of rules accepted by society, yet created by no one. Accepted as the norm, they rule is in every aspect of our lives. Why is sex taboo? Why shouldn't you run around naked? Why? Why? Why? I know, because society tells you not to.

I am sick of everyone telling me what to do. Plain and simple. Why can't everything be accepted as "OK"? Why can't I color my hair green, peirce my nose, and go to my job at the local police station?