Go college.
Well, here I am, sitting in class... or, rather, sitting in the classroom about half an hour before class is about to begin - I wish I'd brought my headphones.

People get excited about Thanksgiving. I guess thinking of seeing everyone and eating tons of food gets them all riled up - personally it's never meant more than another day off school to me. Of course, this - my first semester in college - would be the one where I have mondays off anyway, so it's not like it makes much of a difference to me.
It's just sort of an inconvenient weekend.

Not that I don't like my family. I just.. don't have anything in common with any of them. I've known them all my life but I don't really know anything about them. Carly - she's the closest in age, only like 9 months younger, which is nothing - we used to be like best friends, but now I barely know her at all. Hell, her psychopath brother is more fun than she is now.
Though he's not so nuts now. Which is good. Although he dyed his hair black (it used to be almost white. White!) and now he looks like my older brother. It's so weird.

aaargh. I've been using Word so much I keep wanting to hit Save. Dammit!

It felt odd, moving on to a new school, except this time I couldn't take any of my old friends with me.
Courtney I never see anymore; she's gone and moved out or something. She said she was moving in with her boyfriend, which I think is a stupid idea - which I told her was a stupid idea, since she's still got another year of high school to go through. Now there is no way she can go to school and have a job good enough to pay for rent (at least some of it), buy food, and buy whatever school stuff she needs.
I really really hope she stayed at home, or at least moved back. I haven't heard from her in a month or two - since that fucked-up party we got in trouble for because I like making friends.

(That's a whole different story and I am not going into it)

Apparently she called me once, last week, but I don't know where to call her, so I didn't. If she's not at home, I don't want to talk to her bitchy mother, and if she's not at Sheldon's, I don't want to talk to his bitchy sister.
Why does everyone suck?
The only old friend I ever see anymore is Kirk. And Jon, occasionally. They're both good guys (I've known Kirk for as long as I can remember), but they're not Courtney. She's insane, but she is a girl, and as much I like having guy friends, there's nothing like a female who knows exactly what you're going through.
Most guys just don't want to know.

Oh well. I'm having fun at school, so that's good.
Aaaand now I have nothing left to say.