It's funny how, the more things you have to do, the more you find yourself sitting around doing nothing.
I like having things to do though; that way, if I don't want to do something, I can just turn to something else, right? Somehow this doesn't work, because the more I have to do, the less I want to do any of it. If that makes any sense.

Let's see, right now I've got daily math homework, writer's diary entries twice a week, a writer's craft ISU, another WC project, a gym project; plus my own stuff: a painting (with several layers, from several ideas), two websites, a game of Final Fantasy 3 that's been on hold for quite some time because I can't remember just what it is I'm supposed to be doing anymore, and my book(s).

Word of advice: never list things to yourself when you're trying not to freak out about something, because somehow it's always worse than you think.

I could add that people keep cancelling whenever I try to arrange a get-together, but I'm not in a bitchy mood as of right now, and it'd be best if I avoided one.

I'll be back to bitch some more.