That's how it's spelt, right?

No I'm not.
Just bored... staring at things I've done. That's not narcissism, is it? I'm not in love with myself, but I am proud of things that I can do, that I never thought I would be able to. Besides, what else am I going to do? I stare because I can't add any more wonderful crap. At least now I am working on a website that I know for sure many other people gawk at.
I get complimented on my work, but it isn't good enough in my eyes. So many things to learn, so many things to update... it's not done, it's not done..

It will never be done. We know this.

Who is "we"?

It doesn't matter. Hush.

Being a part of a CounterStrike/DoD team is fun. I'm not very good at first-person shooters, really, but that doesn't matter. Because I stink (and also because I'm dating the leader), I've been promoted to webmaster for the CS portion of the site. Hooray.
They tell me I'm doing a much better job than the other guy, whose layout is sorta boring.


I happen to like a lot of colour. And I'm sort of a Photoshop addict. So the site takes forever to load.. there are so many pictures...

Five of us are going to a LAN on the 19th. Apparently they're having trouble securing a fifth player - if it turns out they only have four, then I get to go as a sort of last resort. I'm not insulted; I suck.
It would be interesting to go. I'm told very few girls attend CS LANs... it would be intimidating, since I'm pretty bad at what everyone else is good at, but it would be fun, anyway.
Originally, I wanted to come even if they didn't need me. As a spectator. But it's eight hours of CounterStrike. That's eight hours of nothing for a spectator.. even one as bent on being team photographer as I am. No, if I go, I don't want to be sitting on the sidelines. I'd much rather play.

It's interesting, the opportunities that are suddenly being presented. IF we advertise for the next LAN, we get a free public server to play on. Normally, those run up to $100 or more per month. We're paying 20 a year for our site domain; we just don't have the funds for anything more than that.
We're pretty friendly with the guy who's running the LAN, and he says he might be setting up a cybercafé near where the majority of our team lives. If we help out with the setting up of the networks and whatever else he needs (probably more advertising, but that's perfectly fine), he'll sponsor our team, and we all get jobs there.
Which kicks ass, because I'm flat broke and unemployed. Hooray for me.

I wonder how easy this will all be when I'm in college and have a ton of homework to complete every night.
I might as well get used to very little sleep. It seems to be a surety in my near future.