Just came on to say Happy New Year an stuff... drinking all night, playing ps2 and laughing at other drunk people is all good. It's sort of a wonder that I'm still coherent at this point, but no matter. Much fun for drinkies. And that new dragonball z game is sorta hypnotising to watch an all... what with yelling and cheering and stupid comments and blowing shit up. Umm... 2004 looks good so far, since I'm about an hour and a half into it and nothing bad's happened. Iz all good.

I like copypaste. It makes making paragraphs easier and fun, too! You can have lots of fun with Dr.Laurel's Peach Schnapps. i like black marker to write on schnapps bottle because... um. i need another drink.

walking across a room requires much energy and skill, because the floor sways and tries to make you fall down. hmm all the schnapps have settled at the bottom of this glass,. no matter how much i put in the damn cup there's always tons of schapps at the bottom. youd think it would rearrange itself so it was evenly srpead in the liquid but NO. spiderman is cool. mike says gonuts. it's the crazy gonuts.
wait i need html in this.. hitting enter do no good.

1/3 schnapps, 2/3 pepsi, taht's the good yums.

i think i should get off before thought lose path. must concentrate, but forget enough words so not make sense. g'night e2, hope your new years was as fun as mine... man this pespi tatses weird. i think i should go find a gorilla and teach him to guard my special treasures like my mac and my kitty. they are the important and should be protected from evil ones such as microsoft.

i go bed now and shall return a sober.. not-man tomorrow or such..
should vote but can't concentrate. play lego but there is none. Good night, happy 2004, love you all becaus eyou're SO COOL.