Went to hang with a bunch of old friends tonight... it went pretty good.

K. We rented the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and Jeepers Creepers 2.
The first was pretty good; Sean Connery was good, Stuart Townsend was sexy, and the plot wasn't terrible. I liked it. I would see it again, I suppose.

JC2, on the other hand, was fucking hilarious. As a horror or suspense or whatever the fuck, it sucked. It was crappy.
But as an overall movie... we were laughing so hard we missed most of what was actually being said.

If you haven't seen it, now's the time to skip to another post.

Fucking... the coach gets picked up by the thing... it just swoops down and grabs him. It was great - especially when it did it again, to the bus driver.
The funniest part was definitely the thing frog-leaping through the grass at the end, trying to get to the black guy. It looked like a puppet on strings. We were laughing so hard... ye gods. That was awesome, because it was so crappy. I would not go to see that again, though, unless it was a shitty day and someone else had rented/bought it earlier and I needed a good laugh.