It's back, it's truly back.
I get far too attached to things, really. I kept checking back every day.
Sad case, whatever. Since my PC... um.. encountered trouble, I've fallen back on my lovely lovely Mac. the latest & greatest Powerbook, with 40 gigs and G4 something-or-other and all that happy shit.

Unfortunately, this also meant I was left with no porn.
You wouldn't think it would make a difference... but once you get hooked on something like that, it's hard to get used to not having it.'s not really as if I get off on it (it's hentai, for crying out loud - heh), but it was fun to watch. So weird. I love the bizarre. TV no longer interests me...

So.. where was I? Ah yes. With both e2 and hentai gone from my life (damn limewire and its lack of cooperation), I had to turn to other means. Webcomics... by the dozen... and half the day spent on lowbrow reading about other people's twisted lives. Go me.
And now I have two neopets, and I'm still not quite sure how that happened.

Anyway, enough of my sad hermit life. Christmas is coming!
I've been typing 'xmas' for the past two weeks and I feel oddly conspicuous doing so. But somehow typing 'christmas' doesn't seem right either. I think I've been exposed to too many christian fanatics lately.
The ones who write for amuse me particularly. We found a page denouncing both the people who make and the people who own Macintosh computers as Satanists, because the logo for Apple is an apple with a bite out of it - clearly symbolizing the downfall of Adam and Eve in Paradise.
I mean, I'm sorry, but that to me is hilarious.
We're still not sure if it's a joke site or not... in their "kids section" there are little cartoony "information" bits discussing christian beliefs. My absolute favourite is Mr Gruff, the atheist goat, who glares at the viewer while dressed in an old housecoat, holding a cup of coffee, and declaring, "I don't need God, I just need my coffee!"

You can't help but laugh.

It's not that I hate christians, or christianity in general. I do believe the message is being somewhat skewed, but it is there. I like the Golden Rule aspect of it. It's just.. they're trying to turn it into a whole set of rules rather than just the one nice idea.
Personally, I don't know what I believe in. I don't like being called an atheist, because I don't really not believe in anything. I'm too lazy to try and make a title for myself. Trying to categorize everyone doesn't do us any good; why try?

Ye gods.. so many things to do this time of year. The older you get, the more you understand why parents hate xmas. I know it's a merchandising scam, but I can't help but get caught up in it. It's fun.
True, we don't have our tree yet. I think we'd have an artificial tree if we had room for it, like, when xmas is over, but we don't. all the storage space in the house is filled to the brim, so to speak. And it'd be too weird to have xmas without a tree, so we'll have to pick one up sooner or later.

Go Nine Inch Nails - Closer (to mario) remix...

I need to write more; but it seems as if Pimpette is taking up so much of my time. One comic a week now isn't too bad, but the Going to Hell saga is taking a little longer than I originally thought.
Oh well.

...And the mind blanks.
I was going to put in an insert from my book, Destroyer - or another story, whatever - but maybe not. The parts are all a bit too long to shove into a DayLog, and I don't feel like trying to start a new fscking node. My bits are all too irrelevant to stay up very long.

So I bid you adieu, and good night.