A character from the Nintendo Mega Man video games.

Dr. Wily No.: 3
Cut Man's weapon: Rolling Cutter
Best weapon to use against him: Super Arm (Guts Man's weapon)

He was a robot created by Dr. Light to act as a lumberjack. Then, Dr. Wily reprogrammed him to cause misery to mankind. He has a white and red color scheme. His most active weapon is the Rolling Cutter, which is attached on top of his head. His main attack pattern is jumping while tossing the Rolling Cutter towards Mega Man. After the first Mega Man game, he appears in numerous other Mega Man games.

Mega Man: The Wily Wars
A compilation of the first three Mega Man games for the Sega Genesis

Mega Man 3:
In the game manual, a group picture of the robot masters from Mega Man 1 and Mega Man 2.
In the ending of the game, showing the robot masters from Mega Man 1

Mega Man 7:
In a newpaper article featuring the arrest of Dr. Wily.

Mega Man 8:
(Sega Saturn version only) A hidden robot master that protects a bolt.
(Playstation & Saturn) A doll in the background of Clown Man's stage
In the anime sequence at the beginning of the game

Mega Man Soccer:
One of the soccer teams Mega Man has to beat

Mega Man: The Power Battle & Mega Man: The Power Fighter
One of the robot masters Mega Man has to beat