A great man who insisted he never wanted any followers, but who is now revered as being one of the twentieth-century's most esteemed and influential philosophers. Born in India in the late 1800's, Krishnamurti spent most of his ninety years speaking to masses of people on behalf of their own most base needs, thoughts and desires.

An incredible writer and speaker, Krishnamurti's works were compiled into many well documented volumes and books. The First and Last Freedom, Freedom from the Known, Life Ahead, Think on These Things, Education and the Signifigance of Life, plus any of the Commentaries on Living series, all give sharp and clear insight into Krishnamurti's teachings.

Seriously, look him up. He makes you breathe easier, but prepare to read each sentence at least twice.

"Intelligence is the consumation of experience, and if you keep intelligence highly awakened, fully active, then will follow the intuition that is reason. That, to me, is the harmonious living which is the highest form of spirituality, for it is self-harmony, the perfect poise of reason and love."

-Harmonious Living (Adyar, 1930)
J. Krishnamurti Early Writings Vol. IV