A side note for Celtic pagans and Wiccans:

The three main characters can be likened to the Triple Goddess.

Check out the scene when they climb King's Canyon. Felicia is wearing white, Mitzi is wearing red, and Bernadette is wearing black. It's even the right colors! Here's why:

Felicia is the young and foolish one: the Maiden.

Mitzi is the one who has a child: the Mother.

Bernadette is older and somewhat jaded: the Crone.

Even if you don't care about that, see this movie. Unless you are really stuffy and overly moral, or really, REALLY hate disco, or just can't get into Australian cinema, you'll at least think it was worth renting. It's full of twisted jokes, interesting character development, and surreal images. It's one of my personal favorite movies.