I should feel something.

Breaking up with someone, even if it is fairly mutual, even if I've been working up to it for days-- that should matter to me, right? But it doesn't.

Funny how so many things happened today... took and probably failed a midterm, got back a perfect paper that almost everyone else failed, conned and begged and manuevered my way on to the plane for Nationals, broke up with my boyfriend, finally got to spend time with my best friend for the first time in weeks... and in the end the only thing that really had the slightest effect on me was the mock trial ticket...heh.

Of course, I don't think I've ever been in a relationship that worked.

Most guys only last a few weeks with me. Most girls... well, they may last a few more. But in the end, I am always alone. Maybe that's just how I was meant to be.

And now, I'm sitting alone in my dorm room watching the only news show I can stomach tonight: The Daily Show. Jon Stewart has just reduced the entire war to tournament brackets, and frankly the analogy works. I was never for the war. But I hope in the end we're the champions. Though I wish that no one else had to die.

So as the world spins into chaos, I slink back to my home for Spring Break, to hide from reality amidst all the distractions I can find.

Because that's the American way.