"I really loved what you did with Doctor Racheter.... if I ever met a medical examiner, that's exactly what I imagine they would be like. 'Mysteries of death' and all that."

I smiled politely. Mock Trial Regionals were three quarters over as far as I was concerned now, and my thoughts were far away centered on a nice warm shower so I could get the layers and layers of make-up off my face. (If nothing else, playing this role had showed me that being deathly pale is more trouble then it's worth.

The boy who addressed me seemed nice enough, and I had to give him him marks for bravery- I'd designed this persona to be unapproachable. Pale face, black clothing, all arrogance with the occasional morbid touch. In essence- just me when I didn't bother with politeness.

"And the cross is a nice touch."

I winced. As if a cross would ever touch my skin again. "It's an ankh." I clarified, readjusting my collar to show the golden symbol.

"Oh, cool--"

He looked like he was going to say more, but it was time to return to trial.

The second half of the case consisted of watching the defense witnesses, of which the boy was one, getting torn to shreds by my esteemed attorney teammates.

He wasn't that bad. Decent presence, almost convincing... certainly less painful then the other witnesses on the team.

Trial ended, and I found myself accosted by the boy again, with continual expressions of admiration, which I handled with as much graciousness as my nature allows me.

"Could I get a picture with you?"

What the...?

I scanned the boy for any sign of a hidden motive. But he seemed to be all innocence and enthusiasm. And from what I saw on the stand, he wasn't THAT great an actor...

"Sure, I guess so." What did I have to lose? My pride? Too late for that one, mock trial has cured me of that vice for good.

Flash! Give me a forced smile...

"Looks like you have a fan." As I hid myself back in one of my usual dark (or in this case, relatively isolated) corners, one of my teammates had approached unnoticed.

"A frightening thought." I'm not supposed to be likeable...

"Considering how close to your usual personality this is, maybe the two of you should date."

A glare was the only possible answer to that. Doubt my boyfriend would appreciate that idea any more than me. In an effort to save dignity, I retreated to the hallway.

"Oh, hey..." I turned to see one of the witnesses from a previous trial beside me.

"Yes?" On further reflection, maybe the hallway hadn't been the best place to go.

"I just didn't get to say before how much we all loved what you did with Racheter... that was amazing."

Look, the entire world's gone crazy!

"Oh, thank you." I favored her with my usual subtle half smile. Oops, probably not the best idea, with this outfit on she might think I'm going to bite her...

"I was just so impressed by your acting. Good luck in the next round!"

Ah, she thinks that was acting. How little she knows. "Um, thank you. Same to you."

I hastened to the room where my team was gathering. An unwise choice to say the least.

"Looks like you've got yourself some mock trial groupies."


"Well, they are a group of guys and girls... that would suit you."

Heh. I'd be apt to disappoint any such groupies.

After all, they'd probably want to have sex. Eww.


So, regionals itself could be going a lot better. And the trial tomorrow morning will decide everything. But hey, even if the judges hate my characters, and we lose our bid, and we lose the tournament for the first time ever... I came out of it with a fan club of sorts.

What more can I really ask for, after all?