This is a story that examines the relationship between a mother and her son as he progresses through all the stages of childhood and adulthood. The story begins when the boy is just a newborn and the mother is holding him close, rocking him back and forth, while singing

I'll love you forever,
I'll like you for always,
As long as I'm living
my baby you'll be.

It is a touching story about love and how it endures through tough moments, and how it flourishes in better times. Originally, the book started as just the little song, which Robert Munsch wrote in memory his two children that were born stillborn. Eventually Mr. Munsch decided to turn the song into a story. Mr. Munsch's regular publisher, Annick Press, wasn't really interested in the book however, since it didn't seem to be his usual fare of funny childish stories. So off he took it to an alternate publisher, Firefly Books Ltd., who gladly printed it. Annick Press is most likely regretting that decision now, since Love You Forever is Mr. Munsch's most popular book yet. So far, it has sold over 15 000 000 copies and has been translated into many different languages. It seems people are not just buying this book for children. The touching theme has inspired people to buy it for just about anyone!