From the ad:

Intense is unscented and easy to use (just liberally splash it on) the results are amazing.... and clinically proven. INTENSE is designed for gay men who want to spice up their social life, improve their self-confidence and make themselves mysteriously irresistible.

Supposedly, Intense is a 2 oz. bottle of concentrated male-to-male pheromones. However, I've never tried using it (the cost is a whopping $34.96 from 10% Productions, a popular gay store). If you ask me, its actual effectiveness is highly suspect. I have a feeling that it probably acts more like a placebo, giving a guy more confidence, which tends to be more attractive to the type of guy that this stuff is supposed to attract.

My suggestion- work on your personality instead. Or, if that fails, go to a gym.

"A GIME? What's a GIME? OH! A GIME!"