A critique.

Chapter 1 : Could use a bit more character development for the vampire. Why does he want to suck the childrens' blood? Is their blood in some way superior to other blood? Why was the vampire there? I must know! The ending is very good. The vague, abrupt finish is open to wide interpretation. Did the vampire suck their blood? Are they now vampires?

Chapter 2 : A little unrealistic. What kind of kid listens to the weather? Hmph. I tell you what kind of kid- a vampire kid. Otherwise, a very good chapter. Climactic. The longest and most revealing chapter of the novella.

Chapter 3 : Excellent statistical data. 2 people/3 minutes really makes you realize the fearsomeness of the killer. It made me wonder if perhaps they really were vampires, since they are mysteriously alive still.

Chapter 4 : I'm very shocked that he wasn't in the graveyard. The writer obviously has his act together, avoiding conventional murder scenes. Originality is great! Is this taking place at night? I didn't know that vampires could stand the sun.

Chapter 5 : Oh, why do we always hurt the ones we love? This is a great tale of betrayal, with a proverbial "knife in the back". But then again, maybe Killer was a vampire, and the knife failed. Abort/Retry/Fail?

Chapter 6 : Just when you think things are coming together, the writer shocks you with one plot twist after another. The ending leaves the reader paranoid and unsure of the future. I would recommend this book to anyone with enough time to read such a lengthy bit of fiction.