This has really been annoying me, and I think that it's time to bring this issue to light.

America has a serious problem with thinking that slim is beautiful. This is why anorexia is so rampant and all that.

Another problem, especially for me, is the rampant presence of fat-free food. I can't find turkey meat at the grocery store that doesn't say "98% Fat-free!" Have you ever seen any yogurt that isn't fat free?

What are you fucking people doing with all of my fat?

I'm six feet tall and I weigh a disturbing 140 lbs. I swim every day, so I'm basically just skin, bones, and muscle. I am ridiculously skinny. I eat, and I eat, and I can't seem to stop eating. I want to get some fat in my body. I have an extremely high metabolism, and while some people would find this to be a blessing, I find it to be a curse.

All I wish is that there was more food that wasn't fat free. I've actually been to a restaurant where the only soda they had was Diet Coke. I mean, come on people! This starvation thing is unhealthy. Your body is supposed to have some fat in it; otherwise, why would it store it?

Eat, drink, and be fat!