10/4/01 3:48 pm

Note to self: Stop drooling over this hot guy in front of you and pay more attention in Psychology.

10/4/01 3:51 pm

Argh, why are you torturing yourself by indulging your id? Hey, maybe I am learning something. Hmm. I wonder if this guy is consciously reinforcing my behavior or if he is doing it purely unconsciously or if he isn't even noticing that my leg is resting on his shoulder... Sigh. I'm just a giddy little school girl.

10/4/01 3:55 pm

Well, fortunately, it's just a review. I'm allowed to not pay attention since I already know this stuff. Joe Hottie has a scar on the back of his head. I wonder how he got it... This diary entry is going to take on a very interesting stream of consciousness pattern, and that amuses me.

10/4/01 3:57 pm

Erin just looked at me. I wonder if she realizes that I'm writing a diary entry and not taking notes. I wonder if she realizes that I'm gay. I wonder if she knows I think Joe Hottie is hot. Only time will tell I guess. Joe Hottie just shifted positions so now my knee is no longer against his shoulder. But he seems to want to sit back where he was... Does he not even realize what he's doing?

10/4/01 4:02 pm

Dr. Mann has an unhealthy crack fixation even though he doesn't actually do the drug, at least, to my knowledge.

10/4/01 4:03 pm

This class is so boring. No wonder I'm trying to distract myself with Joe Hottie.

10/4/01 4:04 pm

The Myelin Sheath has always amused me. I wish I knew why. It's still a little boring, though, I guess. I think it may remind me of a condom with its tip cut off. I have no idea why. Just the term "sheath", it sounds so dirty, and not in the way that Baldwin uses the word dirty.

10/4/01 4:07 pm

Interesting analogy for the nerve impulse and a party, the action potential resulting in sending out for pizza and beer. Sigh, beer. Do I hate it so much because it's ingrained in my DNA?

10/4/01 4:08 pm

I can't continue to sit with my leg on Joe Hottie's chair back. It hurts my knee a smidgeon. Hmm. Was he just looking at me? A glance means a lot when you aren't in that person's normal field of vision. Then again, maybe I'm just making excuses because I want him to want me.

10/4/01 4:11 pm

I have resumed my attack, and my leg is back on his chair. He still elicits no response, though. The nervous system sucks. I like circulatory and digestive much much more.

10/4/01 4:12 pm

Sympathetic, parasympathetic... Who named these things? Afferent, away from the sensory neurons. Reminds me of my mnemonic device for arteries. Joe Hottie is getting closer to my leg again. I feel like a spider.

10/4/01 4:14 pm

Raphe system. Reminds me of the raphe of the scrotum, though the two are entirely unrelated.

10/4/01 4:15 pm

We're touching again.

10/4/01 4:16 pm

I always felt my temporal lobe had issues. I wonder if there's any merit to that. Still touching. Mmm. There's something to be said about a gentle, light, uncertain touch. You can tell nothing about the person or the way they feel but at the same time you feel an incredible connection. I just scared him away for a half a second by moving, but he returned just as quickly and seems to have adjusted to the movement.

10/4/01 4:19 pm

He's gone back to his previous position on the right side of the chair, but he still seems to be trying to touch me a little, which is strange because he's stretching a little abnormally. Just remembered that I wanted to use Rocky Horror Picture Show as our art/culture group activity for the HONR100 class, but Majorie told me that we can't do that. Maybe I should protest. It's a beautiful form of art.

10/4/01 4:22 pm

Some girl back in the back of the class just screamed a scream of the first death. That was uncalled for. Joe Hottie looked at me again. He seems to be chewing gum.

10/4/01 4:24 pm

More knee pain. Aborting mission. I wonder if he's noticed the "Safe Person, Safe Place" sign on my door, whether he's gay or not and whether he's interested or not. Billy came and dropped off a thermometer and some aspirin. Great. I really don't need a thermometer. If I have a fever, I can tell, and if I have a deadly fever, by George, I would hope I could tell that, too.

10/4/01 4:27 pm

I read an extra chapter for class today. oops. I guess it could be worse. at least the test is only on chapters 1-5.

10/4/01 4:28 pm

Leg back on chair. Resuming mission.

10/4/01 4:29 pm

I wonder why the brain fixes the image so it's upside right. I wonder if there are any species that have brains that don't. That would be really funny to see the whole world upside down.

10/4/01 4:30 pm

He's almost touching me again, though less obviously than before...

10/4/01 4:31 pm

It's becoming a real pain to continue hitting on this guy. Is it worth it? Why does time pass so quickly when I'm trying to study but so slowly when I'm in class?

10/4/01 4:33 pm

Aborting mission even though he was still touching me. I wonder if he's noticed that I start typing every time he touches me...

10/4/01 4:35 pm

Attempting to resume mission.

10/4/01 4:38 pm

Erin just asked me a question, in the middle of it Joe Hottie moved away again. Oh well. I couldn't even give her an answer.

10/4/01 4:40 pm

Class is almost over. Sigh. Looks like Joe Hottie will remain a mystery for one more week.