Concerning whether or not certain characters are the same characters from Chrono Trigger... First of all, the game prevents you from naming Serge Crono. Why? I don't know. It's kind of obvious that they are not the same person.

Secondly, Leah, in her ending sequence (not really a big spoiler - everyone has a few lines to say at the end if you use them in the final battle and get the good ending), says that it's time for her to return home... and that she already has a name for her baby. AYLAAAAAA!

Anyhow, as far as the Guile/Janus (Magus) debate goes, Guile doesn't say much in the very end that would lead me to think that he's Magus... Also, Guile uses a wand instead of the usual scythe that Magus used. The only thing that I really see is that Guile's Japanese name, Alf, or what I'm guessing is Arufa, is the shortened name of Janus' cat, Alfador.

I don't know if Guile said something else during the game, so if anyone else can point anything out I'd love to hear it.

Oh, and Glenn is NOT Frog. Somewhere in the game, I think it was Glenn's mother or maybe it was Dario who said that Glenn was named after the legendary knight who lived 420 years ago.... THAT was Frog.

This is mostly speculation, mind you... I didn't make the game!

Addendum- concerning the node about auto-accents, that is true. If you get the Programmer's Ending, you'll be able to talk a character that explains their accent generator. The programmer's ending is attained in a New Game + by defeating the final boss at the very beginning of the game.