From personal experience (remember, I'm one of the old folks here), there is one rule for where to take your date:

No matter where you go, make sure that nothing will distract you from your date.

Comparing it to the above writeups, you'll see that it fits perfectly. The whole idea of a date is to spend time together, and going to Hooters makes your female date compete with dozens of well-endowed women. Going to Chippendales will make your male date compete with a bunch of chiseled abs.

McDonalds can be a fun stop during a date, as long as you have been going out for a bit and you know each other well. I remember playing hamburger frisbee on a double date, and my date smacked me with an oversized pickle slab. I left it on when I went up to get her another chocolate shake. It was very late, and we were punch-happy after going to the midnight movie. The funny thing is that my then-date, who remains a good friend, remembers this event fondly, and doesn't remember the more lavish experiences when I dropped $200 on dinner and dancing.