I have to disagree on your conclusion, Fozzy. While you had a bad experience (and I pass on my condolences to your dear departed monitor), I have had good luck with refurbs. I have five computers turned on as I write this, four with refurbished G41 IBM monitors. I bought them for $35US each in lots of 6 (I bought 2 lots). I had two die on me, and my secret was I bought from a storefront. I take great pains to stick with a store if they have good prices and good people, and I don't mind paying just a tad bit higher. The two monitors were swapped out with no questions asked. Actually, they swapped them for a pair of refurbed 17" monitors because I had to lug them back. I refer friends to them in return. I find it's worth going to shows for real "bargains", but when it comes to real "bargain value", I stick with a local person who sticks by me.