Phone sex is aural sex, or sex using sounds alone. Typically the participants masturbate whilst the other person(s) talk about what they're doing, or they're just shouting out in (usually simulated) orgasmic fury.

Phone sex is a very large business, as can be seen from the sheer volume of phone sex advertisements on late night television. Personally, when I lived in Memphis, Tennessee almost 80% of the ads I saw on the telly at night were phone sex advertisements.

The phone sex companies try to get numbers that spell out sexually suggestive words. I remember one day dialing 1-800 (toll-free) numbers and spelling out words, like 1-800-938-8485, which spells out Wet Tits. It actually worked, believe it or not. My wife and I sat for an hour making up 7 letter sexually-oriented words and dialing them. Some of them were very funny, such as 1-800-BIG-DICK, which my wife dialed four times because she was laughing too hard to hear the entire message (note: message may have changed since 1996). The funniest things were the numbers that spelled out something, such as 1-800-WET-FUCK, which was a produce company at the time. I feel sorry for that receptionist, as I'm sure she gets one or two calls a day from horny lonely guys.

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