To combat the elusive Party Puker, one dorm party planner created the PACB party, or Puke and Come Back.

The idea was one of the dorm bathrooms would be set aside for party goers to go and vomit whenever they wanted into the bathtub, clean themselves up, then come back for more alcohol and partying. This was all planned out to occur while the RA, or Resident Assistant, was visiting family, so there were no responsible adults at an adult party. Since I didn't drink, I just stopped by to talk and get some free food until the folks began to get drunk and crazy. Of course, it did, and quickly. Couples were having public sex on the beds, someone spilled a beer onto their stereo and blew it up, and I was kind enough to turn mine up with the door open so they'd have some good tunes. I did get to meet a couple of nice young ladies who were tipsy but extracted themselves from the situation and hung out with me in my room. 

In the end, the results of the PACB party were like a dozen Party Pukers were getting paid by the quart. The bathtub was half-filled with some foul-smelling creature that was about to achieve sentience and the janitors refused to clean it or fix the bathtub drain. Someone did bite the bullet and go in to clear it, but I wasn't going to be that man. Besides, I was busy arranging a date with both of the girls in my room.

Iron Noder 2017