is a self publishing website, able to pump out copies of novels for folks who prefer to avoid dealing with the major publishers. Unlike vanity presses, places like Lulu, CreateSpace and Lightning Press can produce reasonably professional hardcover books, all the way to calendars, graphic novels and comics, without scalping the author.

I have used Lulu a couple of times to create hardcopies of my short stories so they'll fit on my shelf. I've also used it to chunk my current novel project into a paperback, so I can keep it on the shelf in front of my computer as a motivational tool.

To create a project, you need to register. Once that is complete, you create a new project, select the type (hardcover, comic, paperback, etc.), and submit a PDF or Word document with your literary wonder. One thing I like about Lulu is they give you templates, including Photoshop templates for covers, for free. Once your interior is submitted, you work on the cover. The spine is a bear to get perfect, but with some patience, you'll be ready to finalize the project and order copies. The prices are a bit high, especially if you intend to resell copies, but the quality is excellent.