During my entire stay in Thailand I made sure I had a supply of this amazingly tasty sausage around the house.

I sliced it up thinly and either fried it up with onions or pineapples or just microwaved it when I was too lazy, then tossed it on the Dominos pizza I ordered every two or three evenings. Another tasty dish is to saute it with mushrooms and scallions, mix in a bit of pineapple and pineapple juice, then toss it in white or fried rice. The flavor goes a long way, and you can fill up on this meal for less than $1.50US.

Suggestions for buying the sausage: Get it from a reputable grocery store, as it will be a better choice of meat and less likely to have nasty bowel-voiding bacterium on it. Keep it refrigerated when you get it home, and make sure you cook it before eating it unless you're completely acclimated to the local cuisine and microbiological friends.