The Yamaha DS9XP DTXpress MIDI Drum Kit is similar to the Yamaha DS10 MIDI Drum Kit electronic percussion system. The DTXpress comes with 9 triggers. Two wedge-shaped pads are used for the cymbals. Five round pads are used for the hi-hat, the snare and four toms. An HH60 variable foot controller is used to control the position of the virtual hi-hats. A bass drum trigger rounds out the input devices. All of the pads are mono triggerable, which is a major difference from the DTS10, where each pad had two trigger zones, one sound attached to the face, one to the edge.

The DTXpress brain is not as user configurable as the DS10. There is a built-in teaching system for unexperienced players. You can choose between different sets by poking a button. It comes pre-set with 910 drum voices, 128 general MIDI voices, and 48 pre-assembled drum kits.

Yamaha also uses a tubular rack system to mount the pads. It is sturdy, and has extra space for more triggers if you want to add more. Hardware by Gibralter works well with the rack system, and it can save you a few bucks.

The DTXpress is one of the least expensive electronic kits available. The list price is $1,29500US, where the DS10 runs around $2,57500US. I spent the extra money and bought the DS10 because of the stereo-triggered pads and additional inputs.