Rush, a Canadian progressive rock band based out of Toronto, used the airport code for Toronto's Pearson International airport as the title for an instrumental. It ended up being one of their most recognized songs and a signature piece that they play in concert.

YYZ is the third song off of their Moving Pictures album, which came out in 1981. I was in college at the time, and I remember hearing it playing in the tiny student union building. I also played drums, and I was fascinated by the on-yet-off beat 5/4 opening time signature that spelled out YYZ in Morse code

The tune was written by Neil Peart and Geddy Lee. While on tour, they recorded this tune for their Exit...Stage Left and A Show of Hands tours, with Neil adding in a long drum solo right in the middle of this instrumental. To out-do themselves, I saw them perform this song on their 2013 Clockwork Angels tour. Even though Neil is in his 60's, he can still play at an amazing level for extended periods. He actually did two massive drum solos, one in the middle of YYZ. His drum riser could rotate, and he had two full kits available to him...and he used them to their fullest. They recorded it, and a DVD and Blu-Ray concert video was recently released. I highly recommend it.

YYZ was nominated for the Best Rock Instrumental Grammy award. Sadly, it didn't win.