Laurie was an ex-addict. She was the daughter of one of my wife's co-workers. She had been clean for four years, and was starting to go to school to be a nursing assistant.

She lived with us and watched my kids in the morning before school, then in the afternoon for two hours. She was great with the kids, and I helped her get through her classes (she had dropped out of high school).

Lauries one main problem was that she would screw any male that would pay for something she needed. Her mother even said that, "Laurie fucks men the way you shake hands." I admit to admiring her butt (it was astounding, and I'm a breast man), but I never went to that well. I would be worried that I'd end up with some weird STD. We had a neighbor that was a good 25 years older than she was (she was 27). She needed a hole in her wall patched, since she accidently hit the wall when moving her furniture. She fucked this guy in his back yard while his wife was cooking in their kitchen. He patched the hole the next day.

She spread her legs to get an old car. She blew two guys at a gas station to keep it fueled. I swear that I could have sold my vacuum cleaner, since the updraft from her crotch sucked everything out of our carpet.

Eventually, she moved in with some jerk who was hung well enough to actually fill her. My kids never knew about her sexual activities, since I had told her she was out the door if I found her with anything near her genitals in my house. The jerk she was shacking up with got her back into drinking, then drugs. She became his delivery person, and she ended up going to jail for distribution. He got away with everything she owned.

If a woman wants to fuck just to fuck, than I think that's great. If she wants to fuck to pay the bills, she demeans herself and her gender. A tankful of gas is nowhere near equivalent to the tenderness of a woman.