Here's how to get a nice mug of white hot chocolate:

  • Place a 20oz mug of filtered water in the microwave. Make sure the mug is microwavable because you don't want it to break or give off gamma radiation and turn yourself into the Hulk.
  • Set the microwave for four minutes on high.
  • Press the "start" or "cook" button.
  • When it dings, verify you see wisps of steam. This shows that your microwave is working for the next step.
  • Set the timer for ten minutes and press "start". This will superheat the water.
  • By the time the microwave dings, you will lose an inch of water from the mug. This is normal.
  • Pour two packets of instant hot chocolate into the mug quickly.
  • The superheated water will combine with the chocolatey goodness and explode in a huge fountain

Congratulations, you now have white hot chocolate and, most likely, third degree burns, and a massive cleanup project.

Oh, wait. You meant hot white chocolate? Ah, sorry. Nevermind.

Iron Noder 2017