The USS Cole was hit with a bomb today. So far, four US Navy sailors have been confirmed dead, many more injured.

This reminds me of when the USS Samuel B. Roberts hit a mine. I was in the Gulf at the time, and they had just taken our patrol that morning. They hit the mine that we went by all night. Nobody was killed there, luckily.

The USS Cole incident reminds me of the dedication of our sons and daughters who volunteer for what they believe in. Even if you live in a different country, you have someone in your military that you care about, someone that stands guard over your freedom. Let us take a moment of silence to remember the sacrifices of these people and the ghosts that the four individuals now go to join, ghosts of hope and what may be.


Confirmed Dead:

Electronics technician 1st Class Richard Costelow

Signalman Seaman Recruit Cheron Louis Gunn

Seaman James Rodrick McDaniels

Seaman Recruit Lakiba Nicole Palmer

Operations Specialist 2nd Class Timothy Lamont Saunder

Ensign Andrew Triplett

Seaman Apprentice Craig Bryan Wilbberley

Hull Maintenance Tech 3rd Class Kenneth Eugene Clodfelter

Mess Management Specialist Seaman Lakeina Monique Francis

Information Systems Technician Seaman Timothy Lee Gauna

Engineman 2nd Class Marc Ian Nieto

Electronics Warfare Tech 3rd Class Ronald Scott Owens

Engineman Fireman Joshua Langdon Parlett

Fireman Apprentice Patrick Howard Roy

Electronics Warfare Technician 2nd Class Kevin Shawn Rux

Mess Management Specialist 3rd Class Ronchester Mananga Santiago

Fireman Gary Graham Swenchonis Jr.

Rest in peace.