This is a very interesting line of thought. Sometimes genius is considered insanity by some cultures. When Galileo first postulated that the earth was not the center of the universe, he was considered either mad or a heretic because it did not fit into the Church's point of view. Mozart was also considered 'odd'; sometimes the folks in other countries and cultures just associated genius with an unusual way of thinking and interfacing with others.

There was a study done in New York City by Yellow Cab (if memory serves), wherein they compared folks with a high IQ with folks with sub-average IQs. The study concluded that the high-IQ people were frustrated, unhappy and tended to get more complaints and into more accidents. They basically had higher hopes and aspirations, and their minds were working a mile a minute while robotically driving around the city. The sub-average folks were more contented and concentrated more on the moment than the future.