Some rather interesting repercussions have taken place in the private sector, though. While privacy abuse is rampant, sometimes things get corrected in the end.


Toys R Us

Tracked users without their knowledge, sold and shared their database with third parties. Now they have problems with 11 class-action lawsuits and their stock has dropped.


Another bozo company that tracked and traced people using cookies/web bugs. Bought a company with a huge consumer database, began to cross reference people. Linked their surfing with their actual names, addresses, etc. What do they win? Why, a Federal Trade Commission investigation, started by EPIC.


They suddenly just announced they will not guarantee they will not sell or rent your info to any dork with a checkbook. They've had a buttload of regular customers stop doing buisness with them, they've had complaints filed by EPIC, and the press has been hammering them.

Yes, these are ripples in the sea of privacy, but things do happen.