I was lucky in high school. I enjoyed the time I spent there. Reading some of the well-written nodes here on Everything2, I know this is quite unusual. I was popular and a computer geek before the term was coined.

My very first true girlfriend was Annette. She was a friend of Sarah, a girl I used to flirt with and loved in a deep-friendship kind of way. Annette was very quiet, and I didn't know her name. She did have two things that I did notice - her breasts. If you've read some of my other nodes, I am an imbecilic breast fanatic. Like most males, I would blatantly stare at a woman's chest, sometimes without even knowing that I was doing it. It must be a genetic defect.

I immediately introduced myself to her breasts. Her name was Annette. We spoke a few words to each other, and I invited her to the school dance that Friday. Sarah was happy, and so was I. My hormones were racing all week as I thought of how I was going to get her clothes off. I wanted to just feel those breasts in my hands.

At the school dance, we did every damn slow dance. I had her chest pressed up against me, and she had to know I was very aroused. I had my hands on her butt as we danced. I just couldn't wait until I had her in my car.

Then something unfortunate happened. I started listening to her as she spoke. My attention was drawn to her head instead of her breasts. She turned out to be such a damn sweet, wonderful girl I couldn't go through with my plan. She was nerdy, and she never expected someone who was popular would ever ask her out. She was naive, she was bright, and she made me feel like shit. We went out for six months. I ended up breaking it off because I just wanted to get laid and I was tired of hurting her. She cried for a while, and I stupidly tried going out with her a few months later. I had to break it off again, which hurt her even more.

Some things I'm not very proud of, and the whole situation with Annette is one. While I never did sleep with her, I hurt her much worse than if I had just fucked her brains out that Friday night. I had the opportunity to apologize to her years later. She is still such a sweet, loving woman, and she forgave me. Then again, she was always a much better person than I was.