As an Editor here on Everything2, I scan around using the Random Node link. I spend a minimum of two hours hitting that link, and I cover almost 200 to 300 nodes a day. Almost every day, I am confronted by a half-finished node.

Writers don't intend to banish these writeups to XP-Hell. Most of the time, they have a little bit of information, usually enough to pique my interest.. and then they conclude with "will node more later". Checking the creation date of the last node that had this cankerous lodestone appended to the end, it was created in August of 2000. Considering it is now February of 2001, I assume later actually means "fuck it, I wrote enough".

When writing a large researched node, please take the time to conclude your researching and writing (and proofreading!). If you're not banging out a paragraph or two using stream-of-consciousness writing, write the node offline in a text editor. This way, you can create a node that includes a conclusion that matched the great opening.

If you could vote on novels, I'm sure you'd downvote a book with the last half of the final chapter missing. Don't throw away your hard-earned XP. If something is worth writing about, it is worth writing well.