The Eleventh Hour is the sequel to the game The Seventh Guest. Stauf's mansion is in ruins, and you have to go through the house again, solving some of the most difficult riddles and puzzles I've encountered. One puzzle, the Knights on a partial chessboard, took me weeks to figure out, and it was a 40-move solution.

This is a difficult game, and they retained the spookiness of the original. The cutscenes are well done, and the rendering is very realistic. It is difficult to create a spooky environment, and while The Eleventh Hour is nowhere in the league of Myst, it ranks high on the list.

If you are going to play this game, I suggest that you start with The Seventh Guest, as you may be confused by the storyline. The easier puzzles of the earlier game will be very helpful in preparing you for The Eleventh Hour. I also suggest you invite three or four friends over to play it as a team. Some puzzles are mathematical in nature, some are logic, and some are just strange. If you have a group, you have a better chance to get through the game, and it is more fun to celebrate after a particularly difficult puzzle.