I just replaced the BIOS battery on my server, and was stuck with 1999 as the year. I could have just set the time and date manually, but I prefer accuracy since I also use that clock for Ham Radio work.

After digging around on Google for ideas, I ran across this URL:


which is run by the US Government out of Boulder, Colorado. That's where they have the NIST atomic clock and from where they broadcast WWV radio signals.

If you're running Win95 and above, they have a freeware program for automatically synchronizing your clock. It worked on a WinME box, as well as WinNT 4, Win2000 Advanced Server, and Win95osr2 computers.

If you're from the "Do it myself so I know what's going on" school of thought, they have listings off of that page with IP addresses for time servers all over the world. Also available are interesting Adobe Acrobat PDF files for time synchronization.