One unfortunate problem with starting a Wireless ISP is that it costs money.

Here's one way around that little issue.

You can get the Federal Government (tm) to help pay the bills. There are several programs for grants and loans specifically targeted towards getting broadband Internet access to markets that are not currently served. The downside is that you need to fill out more paperwork than you thought existed.

Another caveat to the fed program is that you have to provide a space with several computers for general public use at no cost. Suggested locations include small-town libraries, granges, and other public buildings - or, pad your monetary request and get a building by buying or leasing. Some programs allow it.

The best known program is run by the US Department of Agriculture ( They want to drive rural development and get broadband to the farmers. A good starting point for the program is available from the USDA website or a PDF located at for your reading pleasure.

Remember me when you're the ISP King (or Queen) of Roosterpoot, Arkansas.