Sagitta is a small constellation located near Delphinus. It is also known as the Arrow or Cupid's Arrow. It is composed of five faint stars in the shape of an arrow.

Mythology and Legends

Sagitta is the arrow used by Apollo to kill the Cyclops in one legend. In another, it was one of the arrows used by Hercules to slay the huge mutant vulture that was picking at the gizzards of Prometheus, chained to a rock on the top of Mount Caucasus.

                              * Alpha Sagitta
                  M71        /
        Eta*-------X--------* Delta Sagitta
      Sagitta   Globular     \
                 Cluster      * Beta Sagitta

   Notes: Alpha and Beta are wide binary systems.

There are several sets of binary star systems and clusters in the vicinity of Sagitta.