My wife talks business in her sleep (she's in finance). She always claimed I was making it up when I told her she woke me up yet again with sleep-talking. She began accusing me of sleep-hearing, or listening to non-existant conversations in my sleep (that hurt my brain).

One day she was agitated about someone from work and was bitchy all evening. When she woke me up with her sleep-talking, I had a notepad and pen at the ready to record her information. The next morning I read my notes and began to talk to her about Mr. C. Ranboe, about his account information, his social security number, her conversations with him on the phone, etc. She was totally floored. Apparently she was reliving parts of her workday in her sleep.

I convinced her to change jobs. If you had to dream about a job, it would be better to have one you enjoy.


Another fun sleeptalking incident is when I spent the night at my friends house. I slept on a futon in his room, and was woken up by shouting. My friend was having an argument with his sister two rooms down, but they were both sleeping! At breakfast I told them about it, and they vehemently denied it until everyone started quoting the argument. It had awakened the household.


Update: January 10, 2001

I was trying to wake my wife up this morning. She rolled over mumbling, then sat upright and yelled at me, "If you don't stop fucking Milla, I will break your coffee cup."

Probably has something to do with my infatuation with Milla Jovovich. First time I was ever jealous of someone else's dream.