The Lockheed P-38L Lightning was one of the best WWII fighter aircraft. It was revolutionary, with its tricycle landing gear, twin booms and turbo-superchargers. About 3,924 were produced, starting with the US Army Air Force models accepted in October of 1941. The P-38 served on all fronts of WWII.

The Japanese referred to the Lightning as "two airplanes with one pilot", and the Germans referred to it as the "fork-tailed Devil". The Lightning was flown by the top two aces of the Pacific conflict, Richard Bong and Tommy McGuire.

On April 18, 1943, a flight of P-38's downed the famed Japanese naval strategist, Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto, while he was on a tour of the Solomon Islands.

Many thanks to Farqwart for the correct number of units produced.