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If you encounter someone with 1% [tattoo]ed on their arm, you should be very nice to them.

Back in the late 60's, a [prominent] [politician] said, "Most [motorcycle] [rider]s are responsible, it's that one percent that makes all the [trouble]." ([Paraphrased])

Ever since then, [bad-ass]ed motorcyclists from indies to [Hell's Angels] had that inked on their [bicep]. If you had it on your arm, you were expected to [fight] at the drop of a hat. A friend of mine in the [US Navy] had this put on his arm. He was shocked that I knew what it was, and he got into fights on many occasions because of the ink. Good thing he was a [paramedic]!

He moved back to [Louisiana], and the last I heard he was engaged to a [motorcycle mama] and gets into fights every weekend. So, unless you're itching for a fight with someone with a lot of [experience], don't [insult] a [One Percenter].