As an older male, I am a bit set in my ways. I don't know, maybe it's me, but two things I like in my house are:

  • Food, or anything resembling food-like substances

  • Toilet paper.

    I'm currently going to college full-time with an income from the US Veterans Administration, my wife is working full-time at a job she hates. When I graduate, she gets to go whilst I trudge through the job scene. She picks up after her new puppy and buys groceries, I cook and keep the kids from discovering how things blow up or burn.

    Anyway, there is nothing to eat again. She complains when I shop because I get what the kids and I like to eat. She gets stuff that tastes bland and lifeless, like some chemistry experiment that went horribly wrong, yet happened to look like some sort of meat.

    I'm left here with coffee, kids and no TP for my bunghole. The kids are using coffee filters, but I don't want that association between coffee grounds and poop stuck in my head.

    So here I sit, my guts complaining because neither input nor output is forthcoming. Guess the only way to get rid of some of my shit is to node here on E2. The only other thing is to use that puppy for TP, then blame it on the kids.