My wife has been raising pygora goats, and we picked up three females to breed with our (very stinky) male named Smokey.

We've kept them in separate areas of our property, since some of the females may already be pregnant. They've been locked away from Smokey for over a week, and yesterday it became obvious that two of them were, in fact, not pregnant (yet).

Marigold escaped out of her pen and ran over to Smokey's enclosure. He began to put on a show, which is amazing to watch. First, he had to piss on his own head and have a drink. This got her attention, so he began to make grunting/sneezing noises and started to do this weird tongue thing. This got her all excited, and we dragged Marigold back to her enclosure.

She spent the next hour going crazy, trying to get out of her pen. We thought she'd kill herself trying to get laid. One of the other does smelled Smokey on Marigold, and she started calling the male goat hither. Now we had three agitated goats. The third doe couldn't care less, and we think she's already pregnant.

Since we were worried about the safety of Marigold, we brought her over to Smokey. If there's such a thing as a goat slut, Marigold is it. She has had kids before, and she knows what she's doing. Smokey took about six seconds before he impregnated her. Literally. He spent the next half-hour making sure the job was done right over and over. Apparently the fun wore off, because she was trying to get out of the pen after the eleventh time.

Meanwhile, back at the other pen, the other non-pregnant doe is now going nuts. So we make the decision to bring them all over.

Smokey, after asserting himself as the resident stud, keeps going back to Marigold (since she's proven to put out). The non-pregnant doe wants to get laid too, but she's never had a kid before, and she's not as fun as Marigold. The third just butts Smokey away and wanders off to get something to eat.

This morning Smokey and Marigold are exhausted. The others are chewing their cud, keeping warm in the shelter. If we don't have a gaggle of kids this spring, I'll be shocked.

Oh, and try to explain to an 8yo why the male goat is trying to play leapfrog with a doe.