As a Dad who was hijacked into playing this game until I had nightmares, there's some additional glaring bugs that my esteemed fellow noder Yerricde missed.

The biggest problem with Mario Kart 64 is the poor game A.I. If you knock someone out, instead of falling behind, they suddenly appear next to you. Timing is seriously flawed. If you get hit with something, they happily speed away, which takes you ages to catch up with them again.

Additionally, in Wario Stadium, there's a spot in the wall when you first start that you can jump, landing you at the 3/4 point in the track. It should reset you at the spot you left the track.

These games were designed for kids, but adults play them too (whether they want to or not). Having such poor game design is very frustrating. Luckily, other companies decided to come up with a kart game, and they did it right. Compare Mario Kart 64 with Diddy Kong Racing by Rare, Inc. The A.I. plays smoother and has better timing, not to mention the addition of nifty things like hovercraft and planes. Nintendo's blunders are more common than their accomplishments, which leaves the door open for better game companies to produce quality games.