To say it snowed last night is a bit of an understatement.

Looks like the Denver metro area has been hit with the biggest snowstorm ever. I live an hour north of there, in Fort Collins, Colorado. Looking outside of my window, I can see a soft blanket of exceptionally wet snow covering the patio furniture. When I say covering, I mean 31 inches of buried. My wife's goats cannot get out of their shelters because the snow is taller than they are. We're shuttling in food and water. Fort Collins itself has declared a snow emergency, and you must be responding to an emergency to be out on the roads. The snow is so heavy that the snowplows won't work - they're using construction bucket loaders to displace the snow to the side, creating an impenetrable wall of frozen water at the foot of all the driveways.

This is the second day I've had off from work, the most in a year and a half. Our school system has had three snow days in the past nine years - two of those three were yesterday and today.

Stay warm, folks.