I wanted to try out this Everything2 website so I had my friends track down the owner of this account and convince them to let me try writing a node. Long time fan of this internet thingie.

My wife and I were hanging out at my place for a holiday break from all the hard work I deal with. Went golfing and got three holes-in-one on a par-5. My working buddy Steve can vouch for me. I can swing a golf club bigly

My oldest daughter stopped by and told me she's thinking of getting a different job next year. This makes me sad. So sad. Really, really a bad thing. I guess I'll have to offer the position to the other daughter, but she's not as capable as the one that I want in that position.

There's an issue I'll have to deal with when I get back to work. Wait, there's two issues that are very very bad that I have to deal with, very bad. No, there's three very very bad things. Very bad things.

First one is this bully that keeps wanting to send me presents. He doesn't have taste in what I like. He doesn't even speak English good. He reminds me of Elton John.

Second one is this chick Nancy. She's a bully too. She says a lot of unpleasant things behind my back. I'd like to kick her ass but I'm supposed to not do that. So I'll ignore her like the other people who say mean things.

Finally my work contract is up so I have to go grovel to random people and see if I can stay or have to go. This is stressful for me but I like the power and the prestige of my current position.

Oh, well, guess I should go kiss my best girl and chill. Thanks to Rancid_Pickle for letting me try E2. Take care lovely people.

-- Brilliant Smart Handsome Golf King


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