Many years ago, when I was working at WRPS, we had two turntables in the main studio that were mounted very close together. They were direct-drive with a connector on the motor that could be swapped 180°, and they also had tonearms that were freemounted, as in you could turn them any direction you wanted.

One gent wanted to play a complete show with records containing backwards-masking. Considering it was Halloween and the show was titled Metal Madness, I agreed to it. I assisted, and we used an old headshell and needle on one turntable for playing records backwards. We swapped the connector for the direct-drive motor, and the motor ran backwards at the correct speed.

We also had the new Van Halen album called 1984, and the first tune on the second side was a drum solo that sounded like a motorcycle. We decided to make the drum solo more interesting, so for the last tune of the show, we re-swapped the motor connector and played that song with both tonearms on the same groove. There was a good 5-second delay, and the timing was such that it sounded like Alex Van Halen had mutated into an octopus and was hammering away at his drum kit.