There are two general instances when you may come in contact with a gun, even if you don't like them.

You may find a discarded gun on your travels. The first important point to remember is that nobody throws away a weapon, especially a high-power or high-capacity handgun. If you find one, it most likely was tossed by someone who either should not have had it or did something nasty with it. The most important thing to remember is not to touch it. If there are fingerprints, the police will want them intact. Also, some bad folks have the trigger adjusted way down so it does not take much to fire the weapon (a friend of mine has one with a 1.5lb pull, a baby could fire it). You must post someone to watch the gun (to keep kids away from it) and contact the police. It may be a replica or a BB gun, but you should take precautions in the event it is a dangerous, loaded weapon.

The other instance is a friend or an acquaintance hands you a gun. The most important rule is to keep your fingers away from the trigger. Handguns are made to naturally have your fingers curl around the trigger, so you must consciously keep your index finger out of the trigger guard area. I always just extend my index (trigger) finger forward, as though I am pointing at the front of the gun.

If you let some idiots know you don't like guns, they will push one into your hand to let you know that they're safe. Guns are never safe. Always point the business end of the weapon away from other living creatures and away from walls where someone may be behind them, like kids in the next apartment.

If you look at the handgun, it will be either a revolver or a semi-automatic. The revolver has a cylinder that holds rounds of ammunition, where the semi-automatics have rounds stacked in a clip. The first thing to look at is the hammer. The hammer is at the top of the rear of the gun. If the hammer is not flush against the gun, it is cocked, or ready to fire. I always stick my thumb between the hammer and gun if someone hands me a cocked weapon. If the hammer should slip, it will pinch my thumb instead of possibly killing someone.


If you are interested in guns, I recommend you take a gun safety course. It is a requirement in some states and countries. If you don't like guns, make sure you don't hang out with people who want to "convert" you. I personally have several handguns and rifles, and I am teaching my kids gun safety. Always make sure that your guns are secured, since kids have a way of finding the things you don't want them near.