Some do consider a getting a GED as a cop out, but as an educator, I see it as getting back on track.

I've seen several adult students picking up GEDs to get into college. They've seen what it's like, and how hard it is to get a decent job that can support a family. They make the call to better themselves, or to show their kids that the way to a better life is through education.

Another group that returns for that missing sheepskin are older folks, like my Mother. She had nothing to prove, as she was retired. She went back and picked up her GED for her self-esteem. It was one piece she always regretted skipping out on. She pushed me to go to college, and her studying for the GED went a long way towards showing me it was worth the trouble. She ended up passing away about two years after she completed it, but she was almost as proud as I was of her accomplishments.

So don't put someone down because of a GED. At least they jumped through the hoops to get theirs done. Give them some credit, and encourage them to continue on to college.